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@liberate @7im not to sound zeitgeist-y, but that's called gaslighting. Admittedly that is the problem I do have with the media; by tailoring language like Tim's calling out even the "left-wing rags" are participating in right-wing propaganda.

Hey! Tell me your USB-C horror stories!

I'm writing a series for @hackaday , talking about USB-C in detail. If you feel like there's a "USB-C in the wild" story that deserves to be known (i.e. those HP laptop chargers with DRM in them), do tell or hyperlink!

Boosts appreciated!

Most folks forget that #CyberMonday is, originally, a celebration of when electrosaint William Gibson drove the cyberpunks out of Usenet.

To memorialize the occasion, here’s a writing from that time by #cyberpunk and #cyberculture expert Gareth Branwyn:


And also, here’s the original Beyond Cyberpunk HyperCard (ported to the web)!


Welcome to the infodomain, cyberpunks.

3D printed adult toys 

@chendo a lil of column A, a lil of column B I guess.. it's a discord dedicated to using 3d printing to make these sort of things.

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